Summer Road Trip

Over the summer, Craig made a 6100-mile road trip.  He left our headquarters in San Diego and got as far east as Nelson Ledges Road Course, near Cleveland.  He also made stops at High Plains Raceway east of Denver, Motorsports Park Hastings in Nebraska, Blackhawk Farms Raceway and Autobahn Country Club in Illinois, GingerMan Raceway in western Michigan, Hallett Raceway near Tulsa, and Eagles Canyon Raceway and Motorsports Park in Texas.

In addition to tracks, Craig also stopped at a number of performance shops, including Motiva Performance in Albuquerque, Modern Muscle in the Chicago area (Oswego), Hutter Performance in Chardon, OH and Performance SpeedTech in Cresson, TX.  He also met with track day organizer Bill Neal of 10/10ths Motorsports and members of Corvette Cleveland and the Cornhusker Corvette Club.

The purpose of the road trip was simple – to get the word out about Angelwings Tech products.  Everyone who met with Craig and saw our products was impressed by their quality.

If you own a C5 or C6 Corvette convertible and wish to participate in a track day or HPDE at any of the tracks Craig visited, you can be confident that if you purchase an Angelwings C5C6 Track Day Bar and have it properly installed, you will meet the track management’s rollbar requirements.

And no matter what you drive, if you run with stock seats you will want a set of Angel Pads to give you the lateral support that the seats don’t provide.  They’re an inexpensive way to greatly improve your control and confidence through the corners – and lower your lap times!

Most track day, HPDE and autocross organizers require numbers on the participating vehicles for easy identification.  Are you really going to use blue tape or shoe polish?  Check out our vinyl numbers.  They’re inexpensive, easy to attach, remove without leaving adhesive behind or damaging your paint AND they look professional!  Our numbers are available in 8-inch or 12-inch sizes and in multiple colors.


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