Piloti Offers Limited Edition Driving Shoes

Piloti has created limited editions of their Prototipo casual driving shoes.  If you are a Corvette or Camaro enthusiast, you will want to check them out!

The limited edition C7 Corvette Prototipo comes in black with red trim and laces.  It includes a C7 Corvette logo on the outside faces of the shoes.  Angelwings Tech is selling the C7 Corvette Prototipo for $145.00.

The Corvette Racing Spyder S1 is black with yellow trim and laces.  It features a yellow “Jake” logo, the unofficial symbol of the GTLM Corvette Racing Team.  Angelwings Tech is selling the Corvette Racing Spyder S1 for $135.00.

And to make the 50th Anniversary of the Camaro, Piloti has created the Camaro Fifty Spyder S1.  It has the same color scheme as Chevrolet’s 50th Anniversary Camaro: grey with orange trim.  It has the Camaro Fifty logo found on Chevy’s special edition Camaro.  Angelwings Tech is selling the Camaro Fifty Spyder S1 for $135.00.

Because of the high demand, all three limited edition shoes are in very short supply, especially in larger sizes.  Piloti is considering doing a second production run, but has not made that commitment.  If you are interested in any of these shoes, contact Angelwings Tech today!

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