Piloti Racing and Driving Shoes

Piloti shoes are the standard for motorsports enthusiasts.  Whether you are a competitive racer, a track day or autocross junkie, or you just enjoy some “spirited” driving on some winding roads, Piloti has the shoe for you.

Angelwings Tech now carries the entire Piloti shoe line!

All Piloti driving shoes include a lightweight performance sole and signature vintage tread for superior pedal feel and control.  Piloti shoes are designed with a narrow toe box.  We recommend ordering 1/2 size larger than your regular shoe size to allow for a comfortable fit.


The Prototipo, Prototipo GT and Spyder S1 are low-cut casual driving shoes, made with high-quality materials and feature the patented “Roll Control” spherical heel that protects and cushions the heel bone.  All are available in multiple color combinations.


prototipo-char-angle prototipo-char-sole prototipo-char-left lat prototipo-char-heel










prototipo-nvy-right lat LRG, LRG women's. LRG apparel  prototipo-nvy-soleprototipo-nvy-medl prototipo-nvy-heel








Piloti Prototipo suede casual driving shoes










Black with blue stitching









Black with red stitching









Black with white stitching









Black with yellow stitching

Piloti Prototipo GT leather casual driving shoes



spyder-blk-angle spyder-blk-1top spyder-blk-1solespyder-blk-left latspyder-blk-heel








Black with yellow trim


spyder-blkred-angle spyder-blkred-top spyder-blkred-sole spyder-blkred-left lat - Copy spyder-blkred-heel








Black with red trim and blue laces


spyder-gry-anglespyder-gry-top spyder-gry-sole spyder-gry-left lat spyder-gry-heel










spyder-red-angle spyder-red-topspyder-red-sole  spyder-red-left lat









Piloti Spyder S1 suede casual driving shoes


For a limited time, Piloti is offering a red and black Prototipo special edition with C7 Corvette logos for $145.00.

The Limited Edition Prototipo "C7 Corvette"

A yellow and black Corvette Racing Spyder S1 is available for $135.00.

The Limited Edition Spyder S2 "Corvette Racing"



For the more serious driver, the Piloti Competizione and Superleggera models are high-cut FIA certified and SFI rated shoes.  They include a Dupont Nomex lining and the Piloti “Roll Control” heel.  Angelwings Tech offers the Competizione and Superleggera models for $225.00 with free shipping.

competizione-red-angle competizione-red-topcompetizione-red-sole competizione-red-left lat competizione-red-heel








Red with black and white trim


competizione-blk-red loop-anglecompetizione-blk-red loop-top competizione-blk-red loop-sole competizione-blk-red loop-left lat competizione-blk-red loop-heel








Black with red lace loops and heel

Piloti Competizione performance racing shoes



superleggera-char-angle superleggera-char-topsuperleggera-char-sole superleggera-char-left lat superleggera-char-heel









Piloti Superleggera performance racing shoes

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