How to Prepare for Your First Track Day or Autocross

Are you considering participating in your first track day or autocross?  Here is an article Craig wrote for Corvette Online that covers most of the basics.  There are several references to Corvettes, but the info is applicable to most performance and sports cars.

Whatever you run, if it has the stock seats we recommend that you seriously consider a set of Angel Pads.  Your legs and outsides of your knees will thank you!  If you are a Corvette or pony car owner in So. Cal., join us for one of the Angelwings Tech Track Day Series events.  Not only will you have a great time, you will save a few bucks by taking advantage of the group discount we negotiate with the event organizer.  And we’re happy to offer assistance and advice.  We were all beginners once!

Getting ready for your first event


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