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craig moya, principal

Craig has been a car guy for most of his life.  He bought his first Corvette the day he turned 30, after owning three Z-28 Camaros and an Opel GT.  He presently owns three Corvettes, including a newly-restored split-window coupe.

He has been an active member of the Corvette Owners Club of San Diego since March 1994.  Craig is a past president of the organization, and has been a member of the planning committee for the club’s annual Main Street America car show since its inception.

Craig participated in his first track day event in March 2008 and has been hooked ever since.  His top ten track day goals are: 10) To gain enough experience and proficiency to be comfortable running in a high intermediate to advanced group; 9) To improve every time he attends an event;  8) To have fun; 7) To have fun;  6) To have fun; 5) Well, you get the point.

He has been a principal in a consulting engineering firm for over 20 years.  In addition to that business and Angelwings Tech, he is in the process of building 15 homes for car people in the San Diego area.

greg magill, principal

Greg was looking for a project to occupy his time and was thinking about getting a car with which to tinker.  He talked with his wife Eunice about it and said he was thinking about the car he had in high school, a 1972 Javelin.  It would be a good project car.  Eunice suggested a Corvette instead.  (“Sorry guys, she is all mine”, says Greg)  So with the fever taking hold, Greg looked until he found a 1972 Steel Cities Grey convertible that was perfect.  But of course, you can’t have just one.  Their current inventory has grown since their ’72, to his Cyber Grey C6 Grand Sport and her Torch Red 2004 coupe.

Greg and Eunice also are members in the Corvette Owners Club of San Diego, having joined in February 2002.  They are both involved in events and cars shows, but when he attended a track day event that was it.  Flying around the track and not having to worry about seeing the dreaded “blues” in the rear view mirror was heaven.

Greg’s eye for safety comes from working for a local Fire Department and after 18 years was promoted to Fire Chief in January of 2009.

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